BodyRock HiitMax Challenge DAY #5

Holy crap….I actually made it to Friday! Even better, I made it through today’s workout! IT WAS ROUGH!!!! But I smashed it out! I attribute it to the fact that I actually slept last night. I feel terrible for that, by the way, because my poor daughter was having a terrible time with her coughing fits. She coughed so hard she threw up a couple of times! No fever though and, luckily, my husband got up with her the last few times. I can’t believe I slept through all that either, usually my “mommy alarm” goes off even when they get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! I must have REALLY been exhausted then!

So, like I said, today is Day #5. I did manage to do ALL of the workouts today. Yeah, you read that correct, ALL OF THEM. Day #1 + Day #2 +Day #3 + Day #4 + Day #5….I can barely believe that I did it! It was so hard but, afterwards, I felt so accomplished. The burn is a reward for my hard work, a constant reminder that I am putting in the effort to make myself better. I take that burn with gratitude instead of resentment. Be proud of what you accomplish! Even if it seems small, it’s still a step forward!

Today’s workout breakdown looked like this:

Day’s #1 – #4 and their respective cardio moves…. then this beast {NOTE: I did each exercise except for the last 3 with a 10 lb. plate weight in each hand}

– Standing Flyes

– Bicep Curls

– Shoulder Press

– Chest Press

– Upright Rows

– Squats

– Tricep Dips

– Front & Side Raises

– Bent-Over Rows

– Chest Press

– Wide Squats

– Right Side Plank with Inner Thigh Raises 12

– Left Side Plank with Inner Thigh Raises 18

– Pushups 14

There was no cardio during workout #5. 

I’m ridiculously sore, but it was worth it. I feel like I earned my two rest days for this weekend. But I’d be lying if I said that a little part of me wasn’t sad that I don’t have a workout to do tomorrow. I should also note that the previous day’s workout routines that I did today all saw improvement by 2-5 reps!!!! That’s so awesome in only 5 day’s worth of work!!!!

I also want to mention that I am not stepping on that scale or measuring my body again until these 5 weeks are up. Yeah, some people really thrive by keeping tabs on those numbers, but I’ve found that get so disappointed when I don’t see those numbers changing that it can really hinder my progress. So I’m keeping the measuring tape and scale locked up until further notice.

Today was a bit rough on me as well because my daughter ran a 105 degree temperature at school today. I was absolutely terrified she had that virus that is sweeping across the country right now. So I immediately pulled her and my son out of class to go to the ER. I’m so incredibly thankful that it wasn’t that virus and neither was it Strep or the Flu. It’s a simple virus that we can manage with a little bit of meds to make her comfortable. Phew!!!!

Today’s menu definitely reflected today’s chaos:

BREAKFAST: 1 Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptart and a Small Cup of Milk {I was in a hurry this morning – bad excuse but the truth}

LUNCH: 2 Thin Slices of Sharp Cheddar Cheese and a Handful of Grapes

DINNER: Light Portion Chicken Strips, Baked Potato, Small Caesar Salad, and 1 roll {Since it was late and we JUST got out of the ER, plus we were waiting on my daughter’s prescriptions to be filled, we decided to kill time and eat dinner out as a family. It was fun and the kids enjoyed it}

I drank half a gallon of water today since I forgot to bring it with me when I rushed to pick the kids up from school.

So, I’m considering today my cheat day. Really, not a terrible day to do it either since I had such an intense workout! Still pretty miffed at myself for cheating on week 1, but I’m learning and growing. Maybe next time I’m in similar circumstances {I really hope it’s not for a long time} I’ll be better prepared for the unknown! But for now, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved. It really could have been worse, we almost picked up a pizza!

How was your week? Did you meet any goals or accomplish something that you’ve been working hard for?

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BodyRock Challenge HiitMax Day #4

Oh my stars and garters, I am SOOOOOOOORE!!!! Good sore, not injured sore. The two are very different. I’ve been extremely careful to always stretch after my workouts. Today’s was no different. I felt really good going into the workout, I was pumped! I’d gotten a little more sleep last night and it had me feeling a lot better overall.

So today’s workout was all about those power squats! Let me tell you, my booty still burns! I haven’t mentioned it, but I’ve noticed that each of the videos that Lisa posts are right around the 20 minute mark. So far,  every workout has had 12 exercises that have me pouring sweat at the end of it!

I ALMOST did the previous days’ workouts with today’s, but I still didn’t feel comfortable going all out just yet. I might have slept well last night, but I’m certainly not caught up enough to go QUITE that hard. Today’s workout breakdown looks like this:

-10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers 3

– Left & Right Alternating Wood Chop Knee X4 & 4X Burpees 2

– One Leg Deadlift Row 7

– Pushup & Toe Touch 10

– Left & Right Alternate Squat & Side Leg Lift 10

– ‘C’ Sit Rope Pulls & Bike Legs 30

– ‘C’ Sit Abs & Tuck & Lift 8

– Weighted Laying to Stand & Jump 4

– Super Girl Pushups 9

– Plyo Jump & Agility Runs 8

– Side Oblique Knee Touch Left 14

-Side Oblique Knee Touch Right 14

Today’s Cardio was Power Squats & Skipping

Those power squats are hard after a while!!!!

Today’s menu looked like this:

BREAKFAST: Small Serving Oats and Apple

LUNCH: Peanut Butter and Banana

DINNER: Whole Wheat Elbow Noodles, Parmesan, Meatballs, and Salad

Finally got my full gallon of water in today!!!!

I’m very seriously considering to begin posting the recipes I use for some of my meals…maybe take pictures of them as well so you guys can see what they look like and maybe try them out for yourselves.

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BodyRock HiitMax Challenge: Day #3

Day # 3 was a doozy for abs! And, honestly, it was really hard for me to get into this workout because I’ve been getting minimal sleep these past few nights. Both of the kiddos have been coughing so bad at night and I’ve been freaking out because Strep is already being passed around more than a….well….something that gets passed around a lot.

Anywho, I still managed to kick my butt into gear and smash out today’s workout. I have to admit, about two minutes in, Lisa had me feeling pumped and elated that I’d chosen to do the workout. I would have done the workouts from day’s #1 and #2 as well, but I was just too exhausted. Sleep is SOOOOO important.

These are my stats for Day #3:

– Mat Jumps 18

– ‘C’ Sit & Ball Lift ‘V’ Tucks 6

– Pushups 14

– Tricep Dips 14

– Bent-Over Rows 18

– Equalizer Pushup & Knee Tuck 8

– Tricep Extensions 14

– Left Plank Side & Front Raise 9

– Right Plank Side & Front Raise 11

– Narrow to Wide Pushup, In & Out Legs 6

– ‘V; Jackknife Tuck Throughs 4

– Side Obliques 9

Today’s Cardio was Skipping & Jumping Jacks

Today I missed breakfast, I know, shame on me. I’m, personally, extremely excited that today is the first day I’ve missed it! Usually I never eat breakfast, so this week it’s been really hard getting in 3 solid meals daily. But every little bit helps. I’ll take it.

LUNCH: 2 Strips of Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken, Baked Sweet Potato, & Steamed Broccoli

DINNER: Turkey Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries

I didn’t quite get in my full gallon of water either. =(

BodyRockTV HiitMax Challenge DAY #2

Today was a real ass-kicker. I wasn’t NEARLY as sore as I’d expected to be after yesterday, so I pushed hard. Today’s routine called to combine the workout from Day #1 with Day #2….from what I understand each day you keep adding workouts until Friday you’re doing 5 different workouts in one day….I could be wrong. It’s INTENSE regardless.

I haven’t been using the weighted vest because, well, I don’t have one. I could rig one up, but I’m just not ready to add more intensity just yet. Always be conscious of your limits; NEVER set yourself up for injury for the sake of intensity!!!!

I also drink a crap ton of water through those 10 second breaks, I’ve found that really helps a lot.

My Cardio for this round: Skipping
– Max Squat jumps 22
– Clean & Press 8
– 10 High Knees & 4 x Switch Lunges 4
–  Lunge & Press – Left Only 18
–  Lunge & Press – Right Only 19
– In & Out wide leg Mountain Climbers 14
– Surfers & Burpee 8
– Triceps Dips 14
–  Left – Step Up & Kick Out 10
– Right – Step Up & Kick Out 10
– Opposite shoulder, lift, Squat & Press & push up 4
– Swings 20
My Cardio for this round: Jumping Jacks
– 1/2 Burpee & Up Right Row 7
– Tuck & Lift Abs 14
– Drop it like its hot 4
– 4 x Ski Abs, 4 Jump Feet Push Ups 3
– Wide Mountain Climbers 24
– Elevated 1 Leg Switch Push ups 14
– Front & Back Lunge & Lift – Left Leg 7
– Front & Back Lunge & Lift – Right Leg 7
– Punch jump & Tricep kick back 10
– Tricep Push Up Burpees & Tuck 5
– Jack knifes 8
– Round the world 6

Today’s Menu:
Breakfast: Dry wheat toast and Southern egg white omelette
Lunch: 2 chili grilled chicken tenders, baked sweet potato, and steamed broccoli
Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti and salad
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BodyRock HiitMax Challenge: DAY #1

Lifestyle changes are HARD AS F#%& at first. I’m not going to sugar-coat anything because I’m not Willy Wonka! BUT, despite the massive…suckage going on in the beginning, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!! I’m going to be in absolute pain tomorrow, and I’m totally okay with that. Why? Because diamonds are created under pressure and I like to think that I’m a diamond in the making. No the process won’t be pretty. In fact, it’s pretty ugly starting out. But with practice and consistency you get better – I WILL GET BETTER! I know I will because others out there have gotten better or ARE getting better through this same process.

Today I started doing BodyRockTV’s HiitMax Challenge. If you’ve heard of BodyRockTV or The Daily Hiit then, chances are, you’ve probably heard of Lisa-Marie. This beautiful bombshell is the freaking bee’s knees y’all. Love this girl!!!! She’s hands down my favorite trainer from BodyRock; pure magic! She can get you to push yourself harder and faster all while making you smile while you’re doing it. SHE. IS. THAT. GOOD! 

I haven’t BodyRocked in so long, and that’s my fault. I was fooling myself into thinking that BodyRock wasn’t working well enough for me (turns out the problem wasn’t BodyRock, it was all the crap that I was putting into my mouth – GO FIGURE!) so I hopped aboard the P90X3 train. When that didn’t work for me I realized that the problem was within.

After a lot of soul searching I decided that now is the time to do this. I’ve got too many goals and dreams that I want to make a reality not to start working on becoming the best version of myself possible! How am I going to start doing Parkour much less have my own Parkour Gym to teach others if I’m not in the best shape possible? I can’t! I’ve done a lot of different programs before but none made me FEEL as good as Lisa’s videos on BodyRockTV. And I’m not knocking those programs either, they obviously work and some of them were fun too, I just prefer The Daily Hiit.

Now, what good is a lifestyle change if you don’t stick with it? I’ve found that the hardest part, for me, is holding myself accountable to the workouts – especially on those days that I just don’t feel like doing them. So I decided that I would start blogging about my progress through these next 5 weeks of HiitMax. This blog will, as well as any of you out there reading it, will be my accoutability! I’m not sure how often I’m going to post….whether it’ll be short posts everyday, a couple throughout the week, a long one at the end of the week, or maybe some combination of all of the above – that depends on my schedule (I’m a stay-at-home mom of two and I’m constantly travelling to get them to-and-from school and activities – motherhood is a full-time job!!!! And I adore it!).

So, as far as DAY #1 goes here’s my exercise and nutrition breakdown:

BodyRock HiitMax Challenge DAY #1



– 10 HIGH KNEES & 4X SWITCH LUNGES: 3 (almost 4)









– SWINGS: 18

*note: I don’t have a dip station, so I had to improvise with kitchen stools….it was pretty awkward so I wound up substituting the move with triceps dips instead. If you don’t have all or any of the equipment that Lisa uses, don’t fret; she’s got an entire photo album full of improvisations that fellow body-rockers have contributed. Seriously, some of these ideas are pure genius!!!! So don’t let lack of equipment deter you – there ain’t nothing wrong with getting creative!

Today’s Menu:

BREAKFAST: Pumpkin Pie Spiced Oats with Coconut Milk

LUNCH: 2 Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken Strips, Baked Sweet Potato (no butter or sugar), 1 Cup Steamed Broccoli, and 1 Small Roma Tomato

DINNER: Shredded Salsa Chicken (leftovers) and Rice on a bed of Romaine.

Also drank a gallon of water today!!!!

Day #1 complete and I didn't die!!!! #HighFive

Day #1 complete and I didn’t die!!!! #HighFive

I’m feeling so good just knowing that I accomplished something today! Tomorrow will be an ass-kicker though! And I can’t wait because I absolutely love the burn!!!!

Have you ever done one of the workout videos from BodyRockTV/The Daily Hiit? What did you think about them? Anyone doing the challenge as well? If so #HighFive !!!!

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