Hi everyone and WELCOME TO MY BLOG!!!! My name is Crystal. I’m 27 years old and the mother to two incredible little monsters. I’m married to an amazing man that has some how managed to stick by me through life’s ups and downs. We own our own home out here in rural Oklahoma. I’ve been an Okie all my life, born and raised and I love it. This red dirt is as much a part of me as I am of it. I’ve been so blessed in life despite some pretty epic obstacles.

Red Dirt Momma Runs is going to be an on-going work-in-progress throughout the coming months (years). In a way, this blog is my therapy. I’ve been dealt some rough cards, made some not-so-great decisions in the past – who hasn’t though. But I carry these decisions with me everyday. Right now, the worst of those decisions was becoming an emotional eater when dealing with postpartum depression. While it’s been four years since I overcame that depression, the bad habits and consequences of those habits are still very real in all of the extra “poofiness” I’ve got encasing my body. I will be sharing my journey on this blog. The idea is that this will hold me accountable to my goals.

As an introverted person this is HUGE for me. I’m not normally one to talk about my problems or the areas in my life that I feel are extra flawed. This is actually quite scary to me. But, having recently started over for the umpteenth time (I’m more acquainted with “beginner’s soreness” than I care to admit) and not being able to get through workouts that I once consider “easy”, I’ve decided that something has got to give. It’s time to buckle down and really work at this, make those goals a reality!

I’m going to share my meal plans, recipes, and workouts with all of you here. As I meet these goals and evolve, so will my blog. Just like the butterfly, I’m building my cocoon and, someday soon, I’m going to be that butterfly! I’m driven to be a positive example of health and wellness for my children. I’d love to be able to inspire and motivate others to keep working towards their own goals as well!


Thank you so much for visiting my blog!




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