BodyRock Challenge HiitMax Day #4

Oh my stars and garters, I am SOOOOOOOORE!!!! Good sore, not injured sore. The two are very different. I’ve been extremely careful to always stretch after my workouts. Today’s was no different. I felt really good going into the workout, I was pumped! I’d gotten a little more sleep last night and it had me feeling a lot better overall.

So today’s workout was all about those power squats! Let me tell you, my booty still burns! I haven’t mentioned it, but I’ve noticed that each of the videos that Lisa posts are right around the 20 minute mark. So far,  every workout has had 12 exercises that have me pouring sweat at the end of it!

I ALMOST did the previous days’ workouts with today’s, but I still didn’t feel comfortable going all out just yet. I might have slept well last night, but I’m certainly not caught up enough to go QUITE that hard. Today’s workout breakdown looks like this:

-10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers 3

– Left & Right Alternating Wood Chop Knee X4 & 4X Burpees 2

– One Leg Deadlift Row 7

– Pushup & Toe Touch 10

– Left & Right Alternate Squat & Side Leg Lift 10

– ‘C’ Sit Rope Pulls & Bike Legs 30

– ‘C’ Sit Abs & Tuck & Lift 8

– Weighted Laying to Stand & Jump 4

– Super Girl Pushups 9

– Plyo Jump & Agility Runs 8

– Side Oblique Knee Touch Left 14

-Side Oblique Knee Touch Right 14

Today’s Cardio was Power Squats & Skipping

Those power squats are hard after a while!!!!

Today’s menu looked like this:

BREAKFAST: Small Serving Oats and Apple

LUNCH: Peanut Butter and Banana

DINNER: Whole Wheat Elbow Noodles, Parmesan, Meatballs, and Salad

Finally got my full gallon of water in today!!!!

I’m very seriously considering to begin posting the recipes I use for some of my meals…maybe take pictures of them as well so you guys can see what they look like and maybe try them out for yourselves.

Thanks so much for checking in on my blog!




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